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their sleep, sudden infant death syndrome," said Dr. Gozal. "but in my sleep clinics, parents kept coming because of their chil

allenges, many parents
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may conclude their child does ▓not suffer from a serious medical condition and might assum

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    d snoring and restless sleep and would ▓tell me how happy they were after t▓reatment. So, I wanted to take a deeper look into it

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    and began learning more deeply about▓ sleep apnea."Dr. Gozal then conducted a study by asking 1st Grade teac

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    hers in the local area to identify their two students of poorest performance and send them to him. He had 300 students t

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    ested during their sleep and discovered the failing students were nine times more likely to suffer from sl

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    eep apnea.Treatment with posit▓ive resultsDr. Gozal set up a treatment program. He noticed that the students

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    who had stopped snoring and whose sleep apnea was better could enjoy restorative sleep and began to improve both acad▓emica

r. David Gozal, M.D., the Herbert T. Abelson profess

or at ersity of Chicag ▓o and one of the world foremos t expe▓rts on c
hildhood s , they are at ri▓ sk of a lifeti me of bad behavior t raits, lower con
centrati els, increased hyp eractivity, su b-optimal▓ school p erformance, and
other that would negativ ely impact th eir lives.Talking to expertsDr. Goza

l visited Beijing to deliver a presentation at the 6th ann

apnea, since their cranial▓ and facial features make them more susceptib▓le to it.Search for curesThere are effective procedures to treat childhood sleep apnea. In milder forms, Dr. Gozal recommends the use of steroidal nasal sprays and oral anti-inf

ual Asian Pediatric Conference and spoke with C▓ Panview

lammatory medicines that are readily available, while at the same time his laboratory is working on new medications.Dr. Gozal told Panview that in more serious cases: Surgery is "necessary." The children have enlarged adenoids and tonsils th

on Saturday.He was jo

ined by Xu▓ Zhifei, chief physician of Beijing Ch

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    ing their airways during sleep. When the surgery is not sufficient, then children are advis▓ed to wear a specia

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    ached to a positive air▓way pressure (PAP) machine to keep their airways open while▓ asleep, but the devices are

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    ▓ent for sleeping children. In addition, his group and other groups around the world are working on ▓other ora

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    hat will replace the mask and PAP treatment.Nonetheless, Dr. Xu, Beijing Children's Hospital chief ph▓ysician

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    she is meeting too many parents who look for a fast cure to their child’s sleep apnea and they rush the

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    to surgery even without a prop▓er diagnosis, potentially putting their children unnecessarily at risk.Bringing

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    vation to treatmentA child going to surgery p▓laces faces a greater risk of harm than an adult would. Althoug

ildren’s Ho▓spital Sleep Center. They discussed

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Gozal noted his patients - children - who undergo surgery are treated with special care when they arrive at▓ his sleep clinic in Chicago, he&